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Lancashire Saw Company is a leading saw blade manufacturer of wide saw mill bandsaw blades from the finest Swedish and European Steel ranging from 406mm wide down to 63mm wide and narrow bandsaws down to 3mm wide.

The majority of our wide bandsaw blades production processes are highly automated with the use of the highly sophisticated Vollmer range of equipment that we have invested in for many years, including 5 Stellite tipping units, 2 being the latest GPA200,

Automatic RC100 Benching centres, CA200 Grinders,

7 Side Grinders which include the latest CAF100, CBF310 and the AKE Mat model U6R2 fully robotic Circular TCT grinder

We produce 3 grade of wide bandsaw blades, Swaged, Stellite tipped and our Stellite tipped Extra Cut saws which is proving to be very successful in that running times recorded between sharpens could be anything up to 4 times more than a swage saw with no loss of accuracy and minimizing the risk of cracking. However for total product quality, certain stages can only be completed by skilled craftsmen in bandsaw blades for wood, many of whom we are proud to say have been with Lancashire Saw company all of their working lives.